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The Genesis SOS-5 Signal Overide System provides a simple and easy way to safely disable crossing signals. 

SOS-5 Features

  • Five modes of operation:
    • ​DISABLE ALL - Disable All Signal Operation
    • ISLAND ONLY - Disable All Signal Operation Except Island
    • NORMAL - Normal Signal Operation
    • TEST WITH GATES UP - Signals Flashing with Gates Raised
    • TEST ALL - Signals flashing with Gates Lowered
  • Flasher Output has 8 User Programable Flash Patterns
  • Audio Annunciator Sounds when Signals are Disabled
  • Two Sequential and Separate Switch Position Settings Required to Disable Signals
  • Recorder Outputs for NORMAL and TEST Modes
  • Plug-in Connector for Wiring Inputs and Outputs
  • Three-Year Limited Warranty

SOS-5 Benefits

  • Malfunctioning crossing signal can be disabled safely and easily by untrained railroad personnel
  • ISLAND ONLY operation provides protection while train is in crossing (if island train detection is functioning properly)
  • TEST WITH GATES UP mode allows highway traffic movement through crossing while signal maintainer visually inspects flashing lamp units
  • Critical inputs utilize multi-break force-guided switch contacts and supervisory circuits for determining the vital output to the XR relay or crossing control unit.
  • Safeguard to prevent unintentional disabling of signals requires
    two separate in-sequence switch position settings to disable
  • Keyswitch can prevent unauthorized disabling of signals
  • Built-in warning flasher can power exterior indicator used for
    warning train crews that crossing signal is disabled

Each 30-day signal inspection requires that every flashing lamp unit be visually inspected for proper operation and visibility. This inspection may take several minutes as it requires the maintainer to move across the tracks to view flashing lamps facing the opposite direction. Of course during this time the gates are lowered and highway traffic is stopped.
To avoid delaying highway traffic during testing, the SOS-5 Signal Override System allows the signal maintainer to first activate the flashers and lower the gates by placing the selector switch to the TEST ALL position. Once verification of proper gate operation has been made, the maintainer can then move the selector switch to the TEST WITH GATES UP position which will leave the flashers on but raise the gates. The maintainer can then proceed to visually inspect all flashing lamp units. For safety reasons the SOS-5 Signal Override System will allow the gates to lower if an approaching train is detected by the train detection system.

SOS-5 Product Information Sheet (Adobe pdf format)

SOS-5 User Guide (Adobe pdf format)

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