xr-1200HD Ring-10 Terminator - In Stock; Ships in 24 hrs.

The Genesis xr-1200 Heavy Duty Ring-10 Terminator is designed for reliability in harsh environments.

xr-1200HD Features

  • Heavy Duty Lightning Surge Protection - 1200 Volts at 1100 Amps
  • ​Heat-sinked Rectifier Rated att 90 Amps
  • Double-sealed; both Exterior and Interior - Completly Waterproof and Weatherproof
  • Each Wire Lead is 6 ft (182.88cm) in Length
  • Designed Using Latest Advanced Technology
  • Built-in Self-reseting Fuse Protection
  • Ruggedized PVC Enclosure
  • Red Marker Designates Positive Wire Lead
  • Highly Visable to Maintenance Personnel
  • Compact Footprint - 7.0" x 2.2" dia.
  • Designed to be Ideally Compatible with t-Boss 7400
  • Two-Year Limited Warranty

xr-1200HD Benefits

  • Heavy duty lightning surge protection provides substaintially greater reliabilityand service life
  • Heavy duty rectifier diode easily handles high-level track driver currents when track current limit resistor is at or near minimum Ohms setting
  • Extra wire length available when track connections require offset due to joint bars or other obstructions
  • Exceptionally reliable, efficient and cool operation even at maximum rated current
  • xr-1200HD Ring-10 Terminator's yellow enclosure is highly visableto track maintenance personnell when performing track maintenance activities
  • Mounting kit enables quicker, neater and more secure installation of xr-1200HD Ring-1- Terminator and wire leads to crosstie and track

Why Use the xr-1200HD Ring-10 Terminator?

The Genesis xr-1200HD Ring-10 Terminator is designed for execptional reliability using technology that enables efficient, cool operation. Because heat is a major contributor to electronic component failure, reliability is significantly improved. Also, a heat-sinked 90 Amp1200 Volt rectifier diode is used to ensure cool, reliable operation and a long service life.

Conservative and industry proven design techniques are employed with the xr-1200HD to guard against damage caused by lightning and voltage surges. Circuit protection is further improved by a self-reseting fuse that limits otherwise excessive input currents that could damage the internal electric circuitry.

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xr-1200HD Ring-10 Terminator Product Information Sheet (Adobe pdf format)

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