About Us

Genesis Technologies Inc. was incorporated in Oklahoma in 1988. We previously served the traffic signal industry with electronic products and services and in 1994 began providing railroad signal remanufacture and repair services for products manufactured by others.

Our own product line is under constant development with ongoing efforts to introduce new and innovative products. We have the experience and capability to design and develop "smart" products that use embedded microprocessors and web capable interfaces. Genesis also designs, develops and manufactures electronic products exclusively for specific customers.

Genesis technical personnel have more than 233 man-years of electronic engineering, technical and field experience and we understand how railroad signal systems operate and how they are applied in the field. We make regular visits to our customers' sites to learn first-hand what takes place in real-world situations.

We also understand the mission critical nature of railroad signal equipment and pay careful attention to detail in every aspect of our work. Every effort is made to ensure our products and services meet or exceed the high quality and reliability required for railroad signal equipment.

We are located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, "Green Country USA." Genesis Technologies is an equal opportunity employer.