os-Boss dcx2 Dual DC-DC Converter - In Stock; Ships in 24 hrs.

Dual DC-DC Converter for OS Circuits and DC Island Circuits
with built-in Track Current Limit Resistors

'OS' stands for "over switch," or more precisely, "train-over-switch." The word section often follows 'OS' to make reference to an 'OS-section.'

An OS-section is trackage that includes a track switch plus limited additional track beyond the fouling point and before the switchpoints.

Track switches in railroad switchyards, control points and other locations, may be "thrown" remotely by operating personnel or a computer. To avoid causing a derailment, a switch must never be thrown if the OS-section is, or soon will be, occupied by a locomotive or railcar. An OS-section is usually configured as a short track circuit capable of detecting if it is occupied. If occupied, changing the switch position is prevented or delayed until the OS-section is unoccupied.

The os-Boss dcx2 is a dual DC-DC converter that is typically powered by 12 to 14 VDC, that is converted to two electrically isolated
2.2 VDC outputs. The outputs are used to energize two separate track circuits made up of the straight and the diverging part of the 
switch within an OS-section. Each circuit is connected to a relay (or other equipment) which determines if the switch may be thrown.


  • Two Isolated 2.2 VDC, 2.5 Amp Regulated Outputs

  • Built-in User Adjustable 0 to 5 Ohm Track Current Limit
    Resistor for Each Output

  • Lightning and Surge Protection on Input and Outputs

  • Self-resetting Fuse Protection on Input and Outputs

  • LED Status Indicator for Battery Input and Each 2.2 VDC Output

  • Compact Footprint - 4.4" x 2.4" x 1.6"

  • Sturdy Aluminum Powder Coated Enclosure

  • DIN Rail, B or P-150 Type Relay Rack Mounting Base

  • Three-year Limited Warranty


  • 2.5 Amp outputs can easily drive low resistance track circuits
    that use 1 Ohm track relays

  • Regulated outputs unaffected by changes in battery input
    voltage or load conditions

  • Built-in user adjustable track current limit resistors eliminates
    cost of resistors, wiring, mounting and required space

  • Exceptionally reliable, efficient operation even at full load or
    with outputs continuously short-circuited

    os-Boss dcx2 DIN-Rail Mounted
  • LED indicators provide "at-a-glance" status of input and outputs

  • Robust lightning, surge protection and self-resetting fuses provide significant improvement in reliability

  • Mounting options include wall, DIN rail, B or P-150 relay types

  • Plug-in connector wiring requires no soldering, lugs or tools

os-Boss dcx2 Product Information (Adobe pdf format)
os-Boss dcx2 User Guide (Adobe pdf format)

O R D E R I N G   I N F O R M A T I O N

os-Boss dcx2 Dual DC-DC Converter without mounting base (can be wall mounted) specify:
os-Boss dcx2 p/n 19062-000.

os-Boss dcx2 Dual DC-DC Converter with 35mm DIN rail mounting base specify:
os-Boss dcx2 p/n 19062-006.

os-Boss dcx2 Dual DC-DC Converter with P-150 style relay rack mounting base specify:
os-Boss dcx2 p/n 19062-004.

os-Boss dcx2 Dual DC-DC Converter with B style relay rack mounting base specify:
os-Boss dcx2 p/n 19062-005.

Versions 19062-000 and 19062-006 in stock. Ships in 24-hours.